American Banker webinar: The journey of a stolen check: Tax season edition


Check fraud remains a persistent threat, particularly as tax season approaches, creating heightened vulnerability for both tax payments and refunds. Building upon insights from our 2023 webinar, "Journey of a stolen check: Exposing the fraud ecosystem," this follow-up session delves deeper into the dynamics of check fraud and tax scams and its ramifications for financial institutions and consumers during tax season. Explore:

  • How the dark web is no longer dark
  • US Treasury checks on criminal marketplaces
  • Tax payments and refunds - what everyone should be aware of
  • What we all can do to combat check theft and fraud

Check theft presents a complex challenge with widespread repercussions. Continuing to understand the ecosystem and bad actors involved remains crucial to combat these issues – which are particularly heightened during tax season. Through collaborative efforts, heightened awareness, educational initiatives, and leveraging technological advancements, we can proactively mitigate check theft and fortify the security of financial transactions.