On Demand Webinar: Transforming your Branch with Mobile Capture and ID Verification

As more customers become accustomed to the ease and speed of digital experiences, cumbersome paper or desktop-driven branch applications represent a huge obstacle to customer acquisition. 

During this webinar featuring Jim Marous of the Financial Brand, we will examine how the mobile capture functionality for data pre-fill and ID verification provides an enhanced customer experience, accurate data, and a better way to authenticate new customers on the spot. 

We will also explore how mobile capture for identity verification boosts productivity and efficiency for tellers by the time it increases customer satisfaction during the in-branch experience. In addition, we will delve into how you can leverage mobile to move beyond the branch and engage consumers at community events. 


As a result of attending this webinar you will be able to: 

• Turn your account opening process into a competitive advantage, both in the branch and beyond

• Improve back-office efficiency by leveraging mobile pre-fill for faster and more accurate data

• Meet KYC requirements timely and easily with mobile ID verification 



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