The evolution of identity ebook

With continually changing landscapes and macroeconomic uncertainty, digital products and the team that manage them remain determined in their contributions to exceed customer expectations and success for their businesses. 

Identity allows you to make experiences personal. It is time to re-think digital identity verification to enable better strategies for building trust and preventing fraud.

What's inside:

  • Create future-ready, intuitive, and efficient digital customer experiences 
  • Importance of layered verification methods 
  • Benefits of an adaptive, orchestrated approach
  • Real-world examples of tailored digital customer journeys using individualized risk factors

evolution of digital identity

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The benefits of an adaptive approach to identity verification

Identity will remain the foundation of trust that powers the global digital economy. The ability to create a personal experience and establish confidence in a customer's digital credentials while mitigating fraud risk will never be a one-size-fits-all solution.  Digital product owners prioritizing this combination will launch ahead of the competition. 

identity verification layers


Change is the only constant.

Exceed customer expectations while outpacing fraudsters and regulatory hurdles.

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