The future of identity verification

Digital identity in a new world.

Fraud targets all companies, including yours. In this white paper, Steve Ritter, Chief Technology Officer at Mitek, explains how fraud is thriving in this new virtual-first landscape, and better identity verification is the key to containing it. Learn how verifying identities using Mitek’s Mobile Verify® is an efficient, scalable solution to your digital onboarding process.

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"We are riding an abrupt, steep curve of change. It is taking us into a new world where, like Alice tumbling into Wonderland, we’ll find both delights and dangers."

Steve ritter

From digital-optional
to digital-centric

Striking the right balance between
less friction and more security

Understanding individuals
at scale

Understanding the new digital landscape

Identity verification is critical, and Mitek is at the forefront of protecting your customers and business from the downfalls of fraud. In this report, you’ll see 6 significant identity-related change vectors, all increasing in magnitude at sharply increased velocities since the pandemic.

Trust is becoming the primary reason for business growth, and it’s time to take it seriously. 

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Instant Mobile Verification Demonstration

The next wave of digital adoption

Our solutions

ID data analysis, fully automated ML techniques, in-house ID expertise

While ML algorithms crunch mass quantities of data, Mitek’s ID document experts and data scientists investigate new trends and ways to improve performance. Combined they lead to fully automated forgery detection techniques.

Simultaneous AI-powered development and production systems

Run in parallel, these systems enable Mobile Verify® to drive a rapid iteration cycle of continuous adaptation and improvement.

Are you ready for the future
of identity verification?

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