Identity Intelligence Index

How banks, young and mature, can protect and delight their customers

Mitek’s 2024 Identity Intelligence Index reveals sophisticated and diverse fraud threats, leaving banks on high alert 

A survey of 1,500 global financial services risk and innovation professionals reveals that banks' confidence in delivering the best possible customer experience is often stifled by ever-changing regulations and evolving fraud risks. Fraud threats shared in the index range from new deepfake technology and artificial intelligence to traditional money laundering. 

Download this study to learn more about the top needs that financial services experts say will help prevent fraudsters from succeeding, including: 

  • Understand the latest regulations 
  • Reduce technological complexity 
  • Respond in real-time to customer requests
  • Identify what customers could do next 

Financial institutions of all sizes and maturity are asking to see around corners. Banks have an opportunity to proactively collaborate with technology vendors and partners to develop their identity lifecycle strategy.

Identity Intelligence Index Survey

of banks

say fraud has become more sophisticated

of financial institutions

struggle to prove the identity of their customers

of banks

say AI-generated fraud is their top concern 

“Having the right identity platform allows banks to be proactive and anticipate the constantly changing fraud landscape, which, in turn, protects the most vulnerable customers from the growing sophistication of fraudulent attacks,”

- Gillian Channer, VP of Product Management at Mitek

Watch Gillian talk about protecting the vulnerable

Identity Intelligence Index Survey

Top three takeaways from the study

1. Fraud cases and scams have become more sophisticated, requiring agile solutions.

2. FIs must invest equally in both fraud prevention and customer experience.

3. FIs must bring all customer interactions, past and present, into one clear view.

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