Join us for a holiday wine experience 

We are grateful to you, our customers and partners, for your partnership this year.

We would love to "see" you in person to say thank you! 

Drink great wine. Make better memories.

This is not your traditional wine-tasting event. We’re blowing the top off of 4 mystery bottles of wine and taking you on a tasting adventure. By leaving you unaware of the wine’s identities, your other senses will help you identify the aromas, tasting notes, climates, and regions of some of the best Vino.

Taking the aromas and notes of the wine into account, our Sommelier, Emily, will select an overflowing charcuterie of cheeses so you can taste your wine, pair it with the cheeses, and take another sip. 

We're bringing the holiday party to you. Gift contents include:

  • Four award winning wines with cheese pairings delivered right to your doorstep
  • One sommelier led digital event discussing tasting notes and food facts that will impress
  • Family and friends are welcome to attend*

*Holiday sweaters and pajamas not required, but encouraged

wine tasting


Wednesday, December 15th


3:00-4:30pm PT

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Comfort of your own home





Blind wine tasting 


Closing remarks

We are sorry, registration for this

event is closed.

We wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday season from all of us at Mitek.