Unmasking identity and biometricsfeaturing Gartner

June 9, 2021 | 4pm BST  11am ET  8am PT 

Thank you for your interest in our event with Gartner. The event is now at capacity.

Join Gartner analyst, Ant Allan, for an industry discussion unmasking identity and biometrics!

Biometric traits provide a uniquely human basis for authentication, without people having to remember passwords or carry devices. As the digital landscape changes, consumers are now signaling they prefer biometric authentication over traditional methods.

Moderated by Gartner’s Ant Allan, a panel of industry experts will discuss why biometric authentication technologies offer a better user & customer experience, along with increased accountability and trust.

What will be discussed:

  • Benefits and uses of biometric methods
  • What biometric traits are favorable to be useful for authentication
  • What barriers to adoption exist for biometric authentication
  • Risks that must be considered when implementing biometric authentication
  • Evaluation factors when selecting biometric technologies
  • First-hand expertise from industry identity leaders on how to navigate identity challenges

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June 9, 2021


4pm BST • 11am ET • 8am PT 

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The comfort of your home

The following thought leaders in the identity space will share their expertise and ideas about biometric technology:

  • Hosted by Cindy White, CMO, Mitek Systems
  • Sanjay Gupta, VP, Global Head of Product & Corporate Development, Mitek Systems
  • Gerald van Veldhuijsen, Lead Product Owner, ABN ARMO
  • Alexey Khitrov, Co-Founder and President, ID R&D
  • Elaine Deehan, Ireland Country Manager, Starling Bank

Thank you for your interest in our event with Gartner.
The event is now at capacity.