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Mitek + Evidos

Join Mitek and Evidos for a relaxed discussion on customer identification and trust-building in digital channels, while exploring the identities of some of the finest whiskies available. 

Don’t miss out on this exclusive event hosted by Zivko Lazarov, Co-founder and Commercial Director of Evidos and Don Ginsel, Founder and CEO of Holland Fintech.



14 October 2021


18h30 CET

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don ginsel holland fintech

Don Ginsel - Founder and CEO

A Civil Engineer and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. After a brief time in Venture Capital, he became an entrepreneur, working as strategic and financial advisor and coach to various startups and scaleups. At that time he co-founded Capital Waters foundation, to support entrepreneurs with raising investment. In 2014 Don founded Holland Fintech, one of the largest financial innovation ecosystems in Europe, aiming to use the momentum of change in the financial industry, to change it for the better. Don is currently active as executive and board member in several initiatives that are driving forward digital transformation, financial inclusion and spreading knowledge about innovation across the world.


Zivko Lazarov - Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Evidos

Since early 2000, Zivko Lazarov has had a passion for e-Signatures and Identification, with a mission to make doing business easier and more reliable. Zivko Lazarov has been co-founder of Evidos for over 10 years to accomplish this mission. Evidos offers an international Cloud Service for electronic signatures and identification with 2000+ customers and millions of end users worldwide.

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