World-class identity verification

95% acceptance rate on image capture*
92% approval rate for identity documents*
99% match rate between user and document*

Mobile Verify® is Mitek's identity verification service, combining linked and layered automated technologies with the world’s top forensic experts to detect identity fraud and verify customers faster more accurately. The customer experience is intuitive and easy to use, from user onboarding to authentication and reverification.

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"Criminals show a growing appetite for total account takeover of every available account belonging to a consumer."


Capture technology

Patented image capture science Touchless and guided capture experience on all channels 

Document authentication

Flexible assurance levels AI authenticators, NFC authentication, forensic level experts


Top performing comparison algorithms (NIST FRVT), proven for demographical balance iBeta certified, passive liveness detection

Unlock the power of identity verification

Mobile Verify® makes life simple for everyone but fraudsters. Boost brand confidence and trust by integrating our digital identity verification technology with your current tech stack, making onboarding customers seamless. All while reducing the cost associated with typical friction points and potential fraud. 

As we look to the future, trust is quickly becoming a primary reason for business growth. By taking a stand against fraud with ID verification and facial verification, you're telling your customers that their identity's safety is your priority.   

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Instant Mobile Verification Demonstration

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How it's Built

ID data analysis, fully automated ML techniques, in-house ID expertise

While ML algorithms crunch mass quantities of data, Mitek’s ID document experts and data scientists investigate new trends and ways to improve performance. Combined they lead to fully automated forgery detection techniques.

Simultaneous AI-powered development and production systems

Run in parallel, these systems enableMobile Verify® to drive a rapid iteration cycle of continuous adaptation and improvement.

See why Mitek is the clear leader in
identity and document verification.

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*Product performance metrics based on full implementation using integration best practices and complete Mobile Verify® capabilities