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The need for fast, secure identity verification has never been greater. Leading brands are rapidly becoming digital-first and their customers are required to verify themselves during transactions. 

Using a layered approach, Mitek offers a simple user experience from anywhere on any device. Combined with advanced technology, you can speed onboarding, detect fraud and ensure compliance. 

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Touchless image capture with single frame liveness detection smooths the user experience. AI-driven automation and a man-and-machine learning engine prevent fraud.

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Uninterrupted business continuity around the globe with proven 99% uptime. Dedicated professional services available 24/7 for guided implementation, consultations, troubleshooting and more.

Works with your UI

Consistent with your brand and UX, Mitek's SDK seamlessly integrates into your existing apps and websites.

Be the hero

Superior product performance, domain expertise and the ability to lower operational costs through accurate automation and ongoing, data-driven optimization. 

Protect your customers

Enterprise-level data management practices. ISO/IEC 17021 and SOC2 certified. RSA mutual authentication and message level encryption. Meets AML and KYC regulations. 

“The process of identity verification touches almost every industry, making identity an essential element in every transaction.”  dot World Economic Forum