The future of identity verification in iGaming: embrace technological innovation

April 26, 2024

Embrace the digital evolution of iGaming

Dive into the dynamic and rapidly expanding world of iGaming, where trust and security form the foundation of success. As an industry professional, you're positioned at the forefront of a market experiencing unprecedented growth.

This article is your guide to navigating the complexities of identity verification and ultimately creating trust and sustainability within the gaming industry. As an operator it is key to balance necessary friction and a best-in-class user experience and ensuring you are compliant in your chosen jurisdictions. Discover how going beyond mere regulatory compliance to build a bedrock of user trust and fraud prevention can propel your platform to new heights of market success.

Get ready to delve into actionable insights and best practices that will fortify your iGaming company's integrity and set you apart in this competitive landscape.


Exploring the iGaming landscape: unveil the market's potential

Discover the meteoric rise of iGaming

igaming 127BThe growth trajectory of the global iGaming market, a sector burgeoning with opportunities and innovations, is astounding. From a robust valuation of $53.7 billion in 2019, the iGaming market is on track to reach an impressive $127.3 billion by 2027. Within that staggering number, Goldman Sachs anticipates a substantial growth in the US online gambling sector, projecting a value of $39 billion by 2033. This projection starkly contrasts with the market's $900 million valuation in 2021. And it's not just the US and Canada that are positioned to challenge Europe's iGaming supremacy. Latin America is forecasted to reach a value ranging from $2 to $7 billion. Brazil, as the largest market, is expected to significantly contribute to this figure, especially following the Chamber of Deputies' decision to legalize both online and land-based gambling in February 2022.

This remarkable surge, advancing at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027, is propelled by the relentless march of technological advancements by iGaming companies and the widespread digitization of betting content.


Navigate the drivers of digital gaming's expansion

Navigate the key forces shaping the iGaming landscape: the proliferation of mobile devices, enhanced internet accessibility, and the burgeoning acceptance of cryptocurrency in the iGaming sector. These elements are not just trends but catalysts, igniting a demand for robust identity verification solutions among online gambling providers. As an industry pioneer, recognizing and adapting to these drivers is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in this ever-evolving market.


Capitalize on the rising need for identity verification

As regulation continues to drive the need for secure, efficient, and user-friendly identity verification systems, capitalizing  on the escalating demand and  need isn't just a passing phase, but a vital aspect of staying relevant and compliant in the iGaming arena. As new regulation is put into place globally, the rising need for trusted identity verification solutions is driven by regulated markets and their unique demands for KYC as a requirement.

Your foresight in investing in these systems can set your platform apart, ensuring it not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of a growing, discerning user base and the regulations that govern them.


The cornerstone of iGaming: fortified identity verification


Operators trust Mitek's MiVIP platform to simultaneously reduce fraud and enhance the customer experience

Elevate your iGaming system by implementing meticulous identity verification processes like the biometric authentication and age verification embedded into Mitek's MiVIP platform. Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, these processes serve as the lynchpin of your platform's integrity and user trust, seamlessly verifying users identity and age, while also confirming their location and source of funds

In a digital age where anonymity can mask malintent, establishing the true identity of users is paramount. Delve into how identity verification is not just a regulatory formality but a strategic foundation for building an impregnable fortress against sophisticated fraud attempts.


Read more on how iGaming operators and players both can win with facial and voice authentication


Harness the multifaceted benefits of identity verification

Harness the diverse advantages of a robust identity verification system. From ensuring compliance with stringent international regulations to fortifying your platform against fraud, the benefits are manifold.

Identity checks play a crucial role in preventing underage gambling and combatting financial crimes like money laundering, which are prevalent challenges in online betting platforms. By implementing effective identity verification through Mitek's MiVIP platform, you not only minimize the risk of fraud but also significantly enhance customer trust. Players gravitate towards betting platforms where they feel secure, knowing that their safety is a top priority.


Strengthen trust and reputation

Strengthen the trust and reputation of your platform by going beyond compliance. A robust verification process does more than just fulfill regulatory obligations like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering); it acts as a beacon of reliability and professionalism. By prioritizing these aspects, you not only safeguard your operations but also cement your platform's position as a trusted leader in the iGaming sector.


Navigating regulatory challenges: master compliance


Navigate the maze of iGaming regulations with ease

Navigate through the intricate web of iGaming regulations with finesse and expertise. The digital gaming landscape is not just a realm of opportunities; it's a complex tapestry of legalities that vary by jurisdiction. MiVIP allows operators to quickly create  a customer journey that can be adapted as soon as regulation changes across chosen jurisdictions. This flexible opportunity for adaptation saves critical time and developer resources, as the MiVIP’s 'platform first' approach puts the control in the hands of the Responsible Gambling teams that look after compliance, KYC, AML and verification.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to steer your platform through these varied regulations. This mastery is not just about survival; it's about thriving within legal boundaries and setting your platform apart as a leader in compliance and integrity.


Adapt to diverse international regulations

Adapt swiftly to the diverse legal landscapes across different regions. From the strict age and identity verification mandates of the UK's Gambling Commission to the varied legality of iGaming in the United States, to the player protection-focused regulations in the European Union, understanding and conforming to these varying requirements is essential. Your ability to implement a flexible identity verification system, adaptable to different regulatory environments, ensures your platform's successful and legal operation across borders.


Blend compliance & operational efficiency

Streamline your platform’s compliance processes to turn regulatory challenges into competitive advantages. Dissect how a streamlined approach to identity verification , like that offered by Mitek's MiVIP, can enhance operational efficiency while meeting legal benchmarks.

Become a compliance connoisseur, expertly balancing legal obligations with a fluid, impeccable user experience. In doing so, your iGaming business not only operates within the law but also sets new standards for the industry, making regulatory navigation a seamless part of your success story.


Creating a trustworthy iGaming environment: cultivate player confidence


Foster trust with every player interaction

Foster an environment of unwavering trust within your iGaming ecosystem. Each click, each bet, and each win is an opportunity to reinforce the assurance of a secure gaming experience. Throughout the lifecycle of the customer, providing secure and seamless interactions at every step is critical.  That highly sought after trust must be built through onboarding, authentication & account access, reverification & enhanced due diligence, and has to be consistent, efficient,  and fair. 

In this digital era, where every interaction matters, understand that the cornerstone of player confidence is built on the bedrock of robust identity verification. It's vital to understand how such thorough processes not only encourage repeated engagement but also nurture a reputation capable of withstanding the winds of competition and skepticism.


Enhance player protection for lasting loyalty

Enhance player protection to win and retain the confidence of your users. By implementing effective identity verification, you prevent unauthorized or fraudulent access, protecting legitimate players from potential threats. This critical security measure significantly reduces the risk of identity theft and financial fraud, contributing to a safer gaming environment.

When players feel secure, their engagement deepens, fostering a loyal customer base. A secure environment also attracts new users, positioning safety as a key differentiator in the competitive iGaming market.


Lay a foundation of trust from onboarding

Lay a strong foundation of trust from the very start with robust onboarding protocols. By employing a comprehensive verification process that checks user credentials against reliable data sources, you establish a secure entry point into your platform.

Incorporating multi-modal biometric authentication through MiVIP during sign-up adds an additional layer of security, further safeguarding against unauthorized access. For instance, often times operators will use  biometrics to authenticate player withdrawals, making account takeover more difficult, while at the same time  strengthening their AML practices. These protocols, designed to verify identities quickly and accurately, not only reduce the chances of false rejections but also enhance user satisfaction. A smooth and secure onboarding process is key to fostering a trusting relationship with your users, encouraging them to engage more freely and confidently with your platform.


Tackling operational challenges: innovate for seamless integration


Confront operational hurdles with strategic acumen

Confront the operational challenges of embedding identity verification into your iGaming systems with strategic insight and acumen. As the industry burgeons, the task  of implementing robust verification systems without disrupting the user experience presents a complex challenge and can add days, if not weeks, of work to developers plates .

Mitek's MiVIP allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge identity verification, ensuring that compliance and convenience coexist harmoniously. You are the architect of the user experience, crafting a journey that is secure and smooth, where verification acts not as a barrier, but as a silent guardian of your users' gaming voyage.



Adopt user-centric verification approaches

Adopt user-centric approaches for integrating identity verification without hampering the user experience. Utilizing advanced technologies like biometric verification, which includes facial recognition and voice recognition, can make the process both efficient and secure. Implementing solutions like document verification with real-time data extraction minimizes user input and speeds up the verification process.

The goal is to reduce friction in the user journey, enabling a swift yet secure verification process. By streamlining these operations into one platform like MiVIP, you ensure that your system remains both welcoming to new users and steadfast in its security commitments.

Refine fraud prevention with advanced tactics

Refine your platform's approach to fraud prevention, deploying advanced tactics for safeguarding your users' experiences and assets. Innovate with state-of-the-art monitoring systems from Mitek that preemptively identify and neutralize threats.

Employ cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and behavioral analytics to analyze user behavior patterns and identify anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activities. Implement real-time monitoring of transactions and user activities for quick flagging and addressing of suspicious behavior. Additionally, integrating device fingerprinting technology can track devices used in fraudulent activities, further bolstering your platform's security measures.


The future of identity verification in iGaming: embrace technological innovation

Anticipate the evolution of identity assurance

Anticipate the next wave of identity verification technologies and their transformative impact on the iGaming industry. The forward-looking perspective of Mitek is not just about keeping pace with technological advancements but about helping you position your platform at the vanguard of security and innovation. Understand how the evolving landscape of digital gaming demands constant vigilance and readiness to embrace new methodologies that promise to redefine the benchmarks for identity verification.

Adopt cutting-edge verification technologies

Adopt Mitek's groundbreaking technologies such as multi-modal biometrics to revolutionize the identity verification process.

Biometric verification, including facial recognition and voice recognition, provides a high level of security and convenience, making it increasingly difficult for fraudsters to impersonate legitimate users. By integrating these advanced technologies, your platform can deliver a more secure and user-friendly verification experience, establishing itself as a leader in the field.


Champion a secure iGaming future

Reflect on your journey towards excellence

Reflect on the pivotal journey we've embarked upon, from understanding the significance of identity verification to balancing user experience with robust security measures. This exploration is more than an exercise in compliance; it's a commitment to excellence in the iGaming industry.

As a champion of this dynamic domain, your foresight in implementing the state-of-the-art security measures offered by Mitek's MiVIP is an investment in the integrity of your platform and the trust of your user community.

Embrace the vanguard of verification technology

Embrace the forefront of identity verification technologies and practices - Mitek's MiVIP system. Consider how advanced solutions can fortify your platform's defenses and streamline compliance. Witness the transformative power of these technologies in action and understand how they can elevate your operations and enhance the user experience. 


Take the next step toward positioning your iGaming system at the forefront of security and innovation. 

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