Leadership in tough times: Mitek helps Instacart onboard thousands of new grocery shoppers to meet surge in demand

April 27, 2020

Almost overnight, Instacart has gone from being a convenience to serving as a lifeline for millions of people following stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Founded in 2012, Instacart offers same-day delivery of fresh groceries and everyday essentials across the U.S. and Canada. Customers shop through the company’s mobile app or on the Instacart website for groceries and household items from more than 350 national, regional and local retailer partners.

Now more in demand than ever, Instacart has vowed to bring on 300,000 additional shoppers – and Mitek is helping bring those new shoppers safely on board.

Mitek verifies the government-issued identity (ID) provided is authentic and confirms that the applicant is the true owner of the ID. This instills trust and prevents fraud by confirming new drivers are who they say they are, without face-to-face interactions. Applicants must pass this first level of screening before moving on to other onboarding checks.

“We’re proud to help however we can in a time like this,” says Mitek Vice President Cindy White. “We all must do our part and for many of us, that means staying home to relieve pressure on our health care system. There are additional everyday heroes, some bringing groceries and other essential household items to vulnerable populations who should not venture out at all right now. Helping Instacart expand its services by getting more shoppers into the system as quickly and safely as possible is one way we can use our identity verification technology to help others.”

This important work continues. Mitek salutes all of our frontline workers as, together, we continue to fight this disease.