Introducing our innovator series: Where the best of the best share their insights and knowledge on identity

October 15, 2019

Personalizing the customer experience is today’s hot focus. Meetings are alive with interpretations on customer obsessed and customer centric and marketers spend hours, days and months pouring over behavioral data to ascertain how best to reach their customer with highly targeted messaging.  It feels like the war of words - which words, on which platform and within which combination?  What tools and which sequence of tools will differentiate us and drive high engagement.  Vanilla on vanilla.  Have we perhaps forgotten that today we have highly informed customers and vanilla just won't crack it?

We simply can't continue to be arrogant and assume that our customer obsession will appeal to today’s discerning consumer.

So, let's turn traditional outreach on its head and instead of trying to come up with the most relevant personal message, we have customers tell us the message.  Let’s humble ourselves and instead of scripting conversations, we enable our customers to talk to one another, debate best practices and narrate the story, the solution, the factual message.  Let's create an environment for our customers to engage, on-demand, with like-minded decision makers.  Let's get use cases disclosed and ideas shared.  Let’s hear from the gurus and in fact learn from our customers!

I'm thrilled ^ therefore to introduce Mitek's Identity Innovator program.  A platform for the best of the best In the Identity category to share their insights and impart knowledge.

This portal features industry experts and shares their insights and experience through short vlogs and reported Q&As.  The topic Is all about digital Identity verification.  We are geeking out - look here for the first set of Innovators.



Meet Brian Swanson

EVP, Head of Consumer Bank, Axos Bank

Brian discusses the ways in which smooth and positive customer experiences can improve profitability and reduce risk in the digital banking journey.

Learn more about Brian

Meet Nash Ali

Head of Risk and Payments, MoneyGram

Nash explains how he views risk management as a science and art that can be implemented across the needs of customers and businesses all over the world.

Learn more about Nash

Nash blog

Meet Megan Behrens

VP oF Operations, HyreCar

Megan sees identity verification as a way to build trust in the sharing economy, and she explains how the process can mitigate risk and improve customer experience.

Learn more about Megan

Meet Filip Verley

Product Manager, Airbnb

Filip dives into the concept of identity verification as the foundation of trust in marketplaces, exploring the balance between security and user experience.

Learn more about Filip


My team has learnt so much from these experts already. Enjoy getting to know each one of them in the next few months and if you’re interested in joining the innovator community, please reach out to me directly!