Digital identity verification enables today's savvy self-service travelers

October 17, 2019 by Luke Pfeifer

Guest blog: Luke Pfeifer, Sr. Director of Product Management, Agilysys

Today’s hotel guests expect fast mobile check-in as well as smartphone functions to enhance their on-property experiences. Keyless room entry, gives guests the power to unlock their guest rooms using their own personal device with real-time ID verification for added security and peace of mind. 

Self-service doesn't have to mean lack of security or service

Today’s self-service travelers are driving the demand a streamlined guest experience. A fully digital and secure hotel experience is now a requirement especially during check-in and check-out. A trusted, simple and intuitive digital identity verification process can improve customer loyalty by eliminating lobby wait times, facilitating mobile keys and providing personalized mobile engagement during guests stay.

The ROI on digital identity verification

Guests expect a frictionless on-property experience enabled by their smartphones. One example is how digital self-service increases overall satisfaction with resort brands. JD Power’s 2017 Hotel Satisfaction index reported guests who use a hotel app have a higher satisfaction level and are more loyal to the brand. They want reliable self-service options to access hotel services and especially, to bypass the front desk on arrival and departure. Keyless room entry backed up by reliable digital identity verification delivers trust and instant connectivity today’s travelers demand.

Modernizing and streamlining the check-in process with digital IDV is one of the most immediate ways to provide the superior, convenient hotel experience travelers expect while maintaining security. Increased efficiency also elevates profitability, enhances brand reputation, and builds consumer loyalty. Perhaps most important, digital IDV meets regulatory requirements for verifying guest identities, a critical component in risk management.