2017 Mobile Deposit benchmark report: a must-have playbook for FIs to succeed with their digital endeavors

October 19, 2017

Jim Van Dyke, founder of Futurion and mobile banking expert, shares his insights about how financial institutions in the U.S. should optimize their mobile deposit customer experiences to take their onboarding to the next level.

The 2017 Mobile Deposit Benchmark Report has been created with digital and customer experience leaders in mind. The report, the ultimate playbook for using mobile deposit, is based on both quantitative and mystery-shopping heuristic assessment methodologies and aims at answering two key questions:

1)    What is today’s pattern of mobile deposit usage and how can it be improved?

2)    How do the mobile deposit offerings of the nation’s largest retail and multichannel FIs compare?

New Research Reveals That Mobile Deposit is Going Mainstream in The U.S.

Futurion’s report highlights how over the past year banks have substantially changed the way they embrace mobile deposit. As a matter of fact, in 2016 two of the top 15 banks across the country charged for mobile deposit. This year, this service has been made free of charge to all consumers, being widely promoted as a key differentiator.

Another notable difference from last year is how banks are beginning to raise limits and reduce holds times. All these changes are contributing to the greater adoption of mobile deposit over these past 12 months than all previous years combined.

However, banks are not moving fast enough. “Once a capability approaches mainstream status, you can no longer win if you continue to penalize customers who use it,” warns Jim.

Join Jim and other financial services experts as they discuss online how mobile check deposit is going mainstream, with four out of ten users adopting in the last year alone. Register for the webinar and get first-hand insights and advice to effectively turn your mobile deposit into a competitive advantage. 

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