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Today we take rides from strangers, rent rooms, homes or cars from, and hire, people we’ve never met – and the list of available services in demand continues to expand. Collaborative consumption and the sharing economy is only gaining popularity but establishing a layer of trust is key to success in this disruptive industry.

Our identity verification solutions provide sharing economy platforms with an accurate means to achieving trust and transparency within the sharing economy community – while also making the verification process seamless and convenient for users. Building this type of consumer trust in online transactions is vital for the growth and well-being of the sharing economy community and sharing economy companies. When consumers can consistently rely on suppliers, sharing platforms can build their brand’s integrity and reputation.

Add transparency, strive for safety, create trust


Car Sharing
Become the ride sharing platform that customers use by fostering a trustworthy reputation. Let us help you vet more responsible drivers faster.


Home Sharing 
Grow trust and safety between hosts and guests – and enable more efficient transactions.


Luxury Sharing
Connect more trustworthy aviation enthusiasts, passengers with boat and other luxury item owners – never leave a seat empty.

Make the verification experience seamless and convenient

You also need an agile solution to meet shifting consumer expectations. Users anticipate a balance of seamlessness and security, shying away from sharing economy businesses that hinder onboarding with a lengthy, complicated identity authentication process.

Our proven, sophisticated two-factor identity verification service helps:

  • Allow for a fast and easy onboarding experience
  • Increase user satisfaction and decrease drop-off

  • Cut time for verification from days to seconds

  • Reduce reliance on highly compromised data sources and manual processes

Industry stats


of Americans have used a shared, collaborative or on-demand online service¹

The sharing economy has the potential to grow to $335 billion by 2025²
Only 19% of millennials believe that most people can be trusted³

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