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Create trust by verifying a user's identity in seconds

Facilitate trust between users engaged on your platform with confidence while building a high level of safe-to-use assurance. 

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Scale depends
on digital trust

Enable customers to quickly transact

Move your users through onboarding quicker and enable them to start transacting right away

Expand the number of users you can safely onboard 

Capture more customers life time value by quickly verifying users when other trust signals aren't enough by capturing their identity document to prove it's really them

Create trust by bridging the digital and physical worlds

Stop fraud and create trust on your platform by confirming users are who they say they are without face-to-face interactions 

Layer additional security while improving customer experience 

Create a seamless customer experience by auto-filling applications while analyzing extracted data for background, fraud and security checks 

Make every interaction smooth regardless of channel

Marketplace and sharing use cases

Grow trust with our AI-powered digital ID verification

Our identity verification incorporates machine learning, deep learning and computer vision algorithms, each examining a different aspect of submitted IDs in a few seconds. Face comparison with liveness detection adds more assurance - in less than a second - by determining if the person submitting the ID is the actual owner. With best-in-market accuracy and anti-spoofing test, our face comparison technology has constantly ranked above median in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) performed NIST.

Snap a photo of your identity document

Take a selfie

Prove document authenticity with AI analytics

Ensure identity is genuine and belongs to the applicant

“Identity verification is absolutely essential for giving users the confidence they need to transact with people and organizations they don't know.

meghan behrens

VP of Operations, HyreCar

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Compete on trust.

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