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Digital identity verification

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Foster trust in your community by
verifying a user's identity in under 5 seconds

Keep fraudsters off
your digital platform

Enhance trust and safety
within your community

Safe and secure

users fast

Stand out with our AI-powered predictive software for digital identity verification a changing world.

Don’t settle; work with the best.

Industry- leading identity verification helps create a safe digital platform for users to transact quickly


Decrease drop-off rates
and time to transact


Reduce false positives with
deep authentication checks


Minimize escalation to manual review
with deep machine learning checks


Increase trust with
proven fraud reduction

The latest trends in identity

A little friction is a good thing

Businesses and consumers can benefit from a risk-based approach to friction.

Americans demand more trust, proof of identity online

Consumers are willing to take extra precautions to make sure their personal information is safe.

Artificial intelligence for maximum predictive power

AI-powered predictive software for digitally verifying real identities in an online economy.

Mitek Mobile Verify

Trusted by digital leaders for its proven, customer based user experience. 

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