Industry guide: Marketplace & Sharing Economy

Modern consumers favor digital-to-physical experiences, such as rideshares, shared vacation rentals, meal deliveries, and borrowing designer items from others.

The success of all these transaction types - and myriad more - hinges on a single element: customer trust.

Yet most digital marketplaces lack a way of proving the identity of the parties on either side of the transaction, perpetuating all participants’ vulnerability to financial crime and fraud.

Download this Marketplace Guide and learn how to:

  • Strengthen trust in real-world identities with face and voice biometric authentication
  • Maximize onboarding success – and fight fraud – by integrating identity verification into your customer journey
  • Protect your customers and your company from identity-based fraud and financial crime

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Biometric authentication builds trust in marketplaces


90% Faster when approving new delivery drivers


3M+ Freelance workers verified


300%+ Increase in verification volume

Strengthen trust in users’ real-world identities 

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