Industry guide: Marketplace & Sharing Economy

Biometric authentication enhances the customer experience and protects businesses 

More than a decade into the sharing economy, and with their preferences indelibly shaped by pandemic commerce, today’s consumers embrace experiences that start digitally and end in the physical world: grabbing a rideshare, vacationing at a shared rental property, having restaurant meals delivered, and scoring a designer handbag from someone else’s closet, to name just a few. The success of all these transaction types, and myriad more, hinges on a single element: customer trust. Without it, there is no business. Yet most digital marketplaces lack a way of proving the identity of the parties on either side of the transaction, perpetuating all participants’ vulnerability to financial crime and fraud.

Marketplace topics discussed include: 

  • Customer trust
  • Biometrics - face + voice + liveness
  • Multimodal authentication
  • Customer journeys

  • Fraud & ATO prevention


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Biometric authentication builds trust in marketplaces


90% Faster when approving new delivery drivers


3M+ Freelance workers verified


300%+ Increase in verification volume

Strengthen trust in users’ real-world identities 

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