Guide: Fight fraud with multimodal biometric authentication

A modern approach to optimizing customer experiences safely, efficiently, and compliantly

This fraud guide explores how new methods of authentication using multimodal biometrics protect both customers and financial services firms. Multimodal biometrics enable customers to transact safely and efficiently, concurrently defending banks against fraud losses in a way that complies with industry regulations and privacy concerns. The guide outlines a modern approach to identity verification and authentication, explaining how to combat fraud throughout the customer lifecycle.

Multimodal authentication topics discussed include: 

  • Solving today's key fraud challenges
  • Step by step: Get modern biometrics to work for you
  • Getting started: Conversations with key stakeholders

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Modern multimodal biometrics at work


of digital account users say seamless logins will increase their trust in a service provider


of financial services decision makers believe that organizations need to adopt passwordless authentication


of consumers trust biometric methods more than passwords and PINs

Biometrics are a simple yet extremely secure experience

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