Check fraud is up 84%. Fight back. 

Check fraud is at an all-time high. Mitek, the inventor of Mobile Deposit - trusted by nearly 100% of top U.S. banks, can help you reduce false-positives and enhance your fraud detection with Check Fraud Defender. Augment existing check fraud processes with an automated solution that uses AI and machine learning to score 18 check attributes beyond account data to help with personal information and fraud protection. Check Fraud Defender reduces the number of checks routed for manual review and can help reduce risks associate with synthetic and account fraud, forged checks, and identity theft.

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Find-the-Fraud Assessment 

Each financial institution is unique, Mitek is offering a custom assessment that makes use of your financial institution's data, and securely allows us to show the improvement we can make in your current fraud detection process.  

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Check Fraud Defender

Check Fraud Defender features

Analyze checks deposited from all channels - mobile deposit, in-branch and ATMs

Integrate easily and augment your existing fraud prevention processes

Leverage AI and machine learning

Detect a physical “live” check vs a photo of a check with check liveness

Cloud-hosted consortium for higher fraud detection rates

Don’t let fraud slip through the cracks 

The premier AI-powered and cloud-hosted model for fighting check fraud,
Check Fraud Defender reduces the number of false-positives routed for manual review
and can help reduce risks associated with synthetic and account fraud, forged and falsified checks, and mail theft. 
Sign up for our custom Find-the-Fraud assessment where we use your financial institution's
unique data to show you the power of Mitek’s Check Fraud Defender to enhance detection and reduce loss.

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