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Mobile Web - Big Play for Financial Services Sales in 2015

mobile_web1.png According to Forrester Research, nearly 81% of adults access the Internet on a mobile device at least once a day (see graph)— a significant statistic for marketers hoping to better leverage the mobile channel for customer acquisition.

Mitek's Mobile Year in Review

We teamed up with some of our partners who are leading the mobile banking revolution to create a list of five mobile banking predictions, but in this post we wanted to take a look back at the milestones that helped shape mobile banking in 2014.

Tweet Jam Review: "Why Mobile Means Money"

It’s an exciting time to be in mobile! Mitek is helping financial brands implement innovative solutions to simplify the account opening process for their customers. To explore the role of mobile in financial services sales, Mitek hosted a Tweet Jam featuring Forrester Research Senior Analyst Peter Wannemacher this past Wednesday, December 3rd.

Tweet Jam on Mobile for Financial Services Sales featuring Forrester

Peter Wannemacher

We are hosting Forrester Research for a tweet jam featuring Peter Wannemacher, Senior Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. This engaging online, real-time, conversation will take place Wednesday, December 3rd at 11:00 AM PST (2:00 PM EST) and offer the opportunity to ask questions about current research, industry trends, best practices and emerging technologies.

Increasing Visibility of Re-Deposited Items with Cross-Industry Bank Data

The mobile banking industry is growing exponentially as indicated in Javelin’s Mobile Banking, Tablet and Smartphone Forecast 2013-2018 report published in March of this year; 95 million adults used mobile banking in 2013, a nearly 40% increase over 2012.  To further validate the increase in the use of mobile banking services, a recent survey conducted by showed that sixty-three percent of financial institutions (FIs) stated they pro

Exposing The Truth About Mobile Deposit Risk

Mobile Deposit is enjoyed by millions of consumers reaching from America’s largest banks to the smallest Credit Unions. There’s no doubt that people love Mobile Deposit. In fact, they love it so much; they want to use it more! We know this from the numerous consumer tweets asking:

Why the frustration? Because, although FIs have been progressive about adopting mobile deposit technology, they have strict risk controls in place that sometimes have unintended, negative consequences on good customers – and their income statements.

Mobile is a "Mindset"

With the vast number of options for professionals today to augment their knowledge on trends, technology and consumers it is refreshing to see a customer focused advisory board.

Many tech conferences have a high price tag, a few "big name" keynotes and sessions that are full of information that is nothing less than two to five years old. Sessions can be hard to get value from and meeting peers in your vertical is impossible.

What The Hack?!

Last week, Mitek Developers Program sponsored a hackathon on campus at UCSD, the largest engineering school in the UC system.  In contrast to the hackathon we sponsored in January, this event was focused entirely on solutions making use of Mitek technologies, bringing to life an additional array of concepts to “simplify life” using our mobile imaging capabilities.  By all accounts, our 24 hour journey was another great success which provided fantastic ideas, exposure to super talent, and pragmatic lessons about product improvement opportunities. 

Mobile Bill Pay… Game On!

When any new consumer behavior evolves, it can be hard to determine when the behavior is a fad or when it is something more.

Mobile Photo Bill Pay Is Big Hit for Small Banks and CUs

According to Javelin Strategy and Research, $2.1T of bill payments are made every year, $36B of which are made from a mobile device. Those are pretty astronomical numbers considering that most FIs at this point don’t provide a mobile experience specifically designed for bill payments in their native app.