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#Millennials the Next #MobileDisruptors

A survey by Zobgy Analytics reveals why millennials’ love their mobile devices, specifically the camera, and how this will change commerce to a picture-based experience

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Digital Banking Report

New report focuses on digital account opening solutions

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On Demand Webinar: Making Mobile Account Opening Operational

Learn how data prefill can deliver a superior account opening user experience on mobile in this webinar from 

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Instant Driver License Authentication

Announcing the next step in enabling financial institutions to optimize the mobile channel for customer acquisition

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Introducing Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture™

Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture New Solution Gives Businesses Invoice & Check Capture for Faster Payment Processing

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Mitek Is Mobile Imaging

Mitek's mobile imaging solutions use patented document capture software that allows consumers to use the camera on their smartphone or tablet to take a photo of a document to perform tasks and facilitate commerce — depositing a check, paying a bill, enrolling in new product or service, getting a quote and more. Mitek’s unique solutions enable organizations across industries to differentiate themselves from their competitors, attract and retain customers and ultimately increase their revenue and profitability.