Digital identity verification for lending

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Lending Identity Verification - Auto Loans

Auto loans

Lending Identity Verification - Consumer Loans

Consumer loans

Lending Identity Verification - Student Loans

Student loans

Mitek's mobile capture and identity verification software solutions help improve margins, mitigate fraud risk, and meet regulatory requirements while delivering a fully digital, frictionless, fast, and secure loan origination and funding.

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Lending Identity Verification - Compliance


Lending identity verification - Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Lending identity verification - Increase eevenue

Increase revenue

Identity verification enables end-to-end digital lending experience

Lending Identity Verification - Loan Origination
Typical digital lending experiences fall apart at point of identity verification.  Customers are asked to submit identity and supporting documents via fax or email, causing abandonment and costly manual processes. Mobile Verify and Mobile Docs elegantly solve broken parts of the digital loan application experience. This makes life easy for consumers and creates a true end-to-end digital loan application experience.

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Lending Identity Verification - A Growing Market

By 2020 the digital lending opportunity will be
$100 billion

Lending Identity Verification - Fraud

The estimated cost of Fraud in 2016 was
$10 million

Lending Identity Verification - Mobile Love

Good UX is chosen over lower rates by
50% of consumers

5 Steps to digital lending success

Lending Identity Verification - Digital Lending

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