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More than 6,400 financial institutions trust Mitek to onboard quality customers using digital ID verification and other leading-edge solutions.

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Solve the digital
identity crisis

Expedite digital acquisition

Fully automated identity verification clears the queue and speeds account opening across all channels.

Trusted, proven platform

Patented machine learning and computer vision algorithms have processed more than 2 billion documents to date.

Verify users fast

Intuitive user interface and auto-capture experience make it easy and convenient for nearly 100 million consumers.

Prevent fraud losses

Comprehensive document authentication mitigates threats of application fraud, data breaches and account takeovers.

Reduce regulation costs

Speed up the onboarding process by eliminating inefficiencies, risk of sanctions and the cost of manual KYC regulation checks.

Attract and protect the digital generation of customers

Most customers prefer opening accounts digitally, yet many banks are lagging behind their customers when it comes to adoption of technology. But Millennials are digitally native — and their buying power only grows as they begin to go to college, open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, car loans and more.


Accounts opened using digital channels 

Digital channels only Digital and offline channels 22% 10% 32% Auto Loans 24% 18% 42% Mortgages 31% 15% 46% CDs 35% 15% 50% RetirementAccounts 37% 19% 56% BrokerageAccounts 42% 18% 60% Checking 42% 18% 60% Savings 56% 10% 66% CreditCards 50% or more use digital channel

Market-leading AI
Real-time identity verification.

Developed by a team of ID experts and PhD level scientists

MiSnap™ taps into smartphone cameras enabling users to effortlessly take photos of themselves and their documents. MobileVerify® performs biometrics to certify matches while simultaneously running automated authentication checks to determine the authenticity of documents in less than 5 seconds.

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“We needed a partner who could scale with us and support a high volume of users.”

Nash Ali

Head of Risk at MoneyGram International

Acquire customers.
Mitigate fraud.

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