Senior Research Scientist

Position Type
Full Time

You will be an integral member of the Research team, responsible for helping evolve and improve our patented computer vision and machine learning technology, used in our ID validation products. As a key contributor, your role will include taking new computer vision techniques from proof-of-concept through to production, enhancing the image processing pipeline and improving the existing public interfaces through full-cycle development methodologies and practices.  You’ll be designing, testing and helping deploy interfaces that are modular, portable, highly-tested and optimized.

What you will do

  • Design and evaluate algorithms for detecting security features in the documents
  • Develop new technologies for document detection and classification
  • Develop new technologies for layout analysis and OCR extraction
  • Port python prototypes to C++ implementations that can be easily integrated into the final solution
  • Develop tools that enable usage and parametrization of the developed algorithms by persons without expertise in computer vision and machine learning
  • Train machine learning and deep learning models for tasks of document classification, OCR, and document authenticity
  • Keep updated on the state-of-the-art in Deep Learning and Computer Vision, actively participating in the reading groups
  • Document the research done so it is reproducible by other researchers in the team
  • Document the results and benefits of the developed technologies for a Product oriented audience
  • Analyze weaknesses of the current technology by understanding current approaches and studying current failure reasons on defects sent by customers

What you need:

  • PhD/MSc degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering (or related field) paired with a minimum of 4-7 years of related experience, depending on education.
  • 3+ years’ experience in computer vision, machine learning and image processing
  • Excellent C, Python and C++ programming skills
  • Proven hands-on experience with Deep Learning
  • Expert on one or more machine learning frameworks: Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch etc.

Who you are:

  • Problem solver - creating robust, high-quality solutions to complex problems
  • Able to identify, design and architect scalable solutions for multiple product needs
  • Taking initiative to ensure functional delivery
  • Strong communicator - possessing interpersonal, written, and oral skills
  • Hands-on and able to work well within a multi-skilled team of algorithm, software and product engineers

What would be nice:

  • Experience with GANs
  • Experience on Semi-Supervised Learning
  • Experience with Mobile Development for IOS and Android
  • Experience with Deep Neural Networks on Mobile Devices
  • Experience with document extraction and authentication and/or facial recognition
  • Experience with Visual Studio and Git
  • Experience with Unit Testing and Continuous Integration
  • Familiar with using Agile Development methodologies
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