UI Phone Design & Development Workshop

  • UI Design and Development Workshop Fast turn-around of image capture modules that meet Mitek requirements for high accuracy
  • Rapid development that is secure, reliable and compatible across devices
  • Reduce chances of users taking incorrect pictures of the documents
  • Access to best in class UI design experts with proven best practices for optimal image capture
  • Insight on how to make decisions that guarantee a superior end user experience

A superior user interface and the right technical implementation of phone side image capture are critical to optimizing the accuracy of the Mitek Mobile Imaging Platform. The Phone UI Design & Development engagement is designed to help customers quickly create image capture modules using Mitek’s proven best practices and technical expertise. Mitek’s experts have deep knowledge in using native camera interface modules for Android and iOS platforms.  Our experts helped numerous Fortune 500 companies succesfully integrate image capture modules with their workflow to provide high quality imaging, resulting in mobile imaging apps that offer a high rate of accuracy and guarantee a superior user experience.

The participants in this engagement are typically business owners, product managers, architects and lead developers.  At the conclusion of this engagement, your UI will deliver your customers a superior experience every time.  Mitek developers will also code the image capture modules and integrate them into your workflow.

This workshop is available for all solutions; please contact your Account Manager for details.