Mobile Photo Bill Pay®

Chris Peper of US Bank Quote
Allied Payments Network: Adoption has increased customer stickiness by 10%
Chris Peper of US Bank Quote
Our customers have seen  5% to 15% month-over-month growth...

Mobile Photo Bill Pay®

Get an ROI on Reducing the Friction in Mobile Bill Payment

Customers Can Add New Payees and Pay Bills In A Snap

•    Add a new payee
•    Set up recurring bills and payments
•    Simply pay one-time or non-recurring bills
•    Make expedited payments

Mitek’s Mobile Photo Bill Pay® enables a bank customer or credit union member to easily and securely pay a bill with the snap of a smartphone or tablet camera. After a customer takes a picture of a bill, Mitek’s technology automatically extracts relevant data from the paper bill and auto-populates the fields required to make a mobile payment. 

This revolutionary new way to pay bills eliminates the need for manual data entry, a checkbook or even a computer. Mobile Photo Bill Pay easily integrates into your existing bill pay application.


Aite Research Found Mobile Photo Bill Pay Benefits Your Bottom-Line by:

  • Increasing DDA balances.  Earn incremental income from the spreads associated with the lift in DDA balances that support bill pay.
  • Improving customer retention.  Increasing pay bill usage reduces churn.
  • Driving usage and targeting younger consumers.  Usage of smartphones and tablets, especially by younger consumers, is growing at 30% annually.    
  • Generating incremental Fee Revenue.  When consumers adopt Mobile Photo Bill Pay, they often are willing to pay fees to expedite payment of their bills.

Leverages Mitek’s Mobile Imaging Platform

Mobile Photo Bill Pay, and the entire suite of Mitek Mobile Imaging Solutions for Banking utilizes Mitek’s enterprise-class, patented Mobile Imaging Platform