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U.S. Bank ramps up photo banking to enable credit card balance transfers

From Mobile Commerce Daily

U.S. Bank Mobile Photo Balance Transfer "Among 25 to 34 year-olds, we have three times more bill pay customers that use mobile than online only,” Mr. Peper said. “We see really strong uptake of the mobile and imaging based services among those younger demographics."

"We’ve grown the overall mobile bill pay user base by about a third so far in 2013,” he said. “That is well and above what we are seeing industry wide in terms of bill pay adoption."

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Ellen DeGeneres Stands Up For Mobile Banking

From American Banker

Ellen Degeneres on Mobile Check Deposit "You had to sign the back of the check, then you had to fill out one of those deposit slips,” she recalled in a recent monologue on her talk show Ellen. “Then you had to add up all the numbers in your head, then you had to wait in line. Then you got to the front of the line and you had to make small talk with the bank teller, Barbara, about her daughter who’s in beauty school, which is really great but then you start thinking, ‘Well, how come your hair looks like that?’” With those kinds of hurdles, it’s no surprise that DeGeneres counts herself as a fan of mobile check deposits.

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It's simple 'apponomics': Cash is no longer king


Mitek's banking solutions are replacing cash "…Mobile Photo Account Opening, which will make it easier for consumers to open bank accounts from mobile devices—an often cumbersome process that Carter says at least 25 percent abandon midstream because of problems like trouble typing detailed information into the tiny keyboards."

"...Perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that Mobile Photo Account Opening won the "Best of Show" award at Finovate."

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Five Trends Shaping The Next Generation Of North American Digital Banking

From Forrester

Mobile Photo Bill Pay Smart firms will create a mobile competitive advantage by understanding how smart phones can solve the needs customers have today. Consider how the following firms have innovated to do just that:

U.S. Bank makes it easier for consumers to switch banks with mobile photo bill pay. Why do banks love online bill payers? Because they've got their electronic hooks into them and know these customers will be hesitant to switch banks because of the hassle of having to unwind online bill pay and establish all of their payees all over again at their new bank. U.S. Bank recently introduced a mobile photo bill pay solution from Mitek Systems to knock down that barrier. All a switching customer needs to do is use her mobile phone to take a picture of her bill and the app does the rest — correcting for image distortion, reading relevant data, and auto populating all of the payee info. The simplicity of the process will also help U.S. Bank encourage existing bill payers to increase the number of bills they pay digitally.

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Banks Make Smartphone Connection

From The Wall Street Journal

Photo courtesy of Emily Cooper J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., which started offering mobile banking in 2009, said that it has some 13 million customers who use its mobile services.

"We have gone from mobile as an experiment to mobile banking being a core experience that is just as important as the branches, call centers and the Internet," said Ryan McInerney, who runs the New York bank's consumer-banking operations.

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Mitek and US Bank let users pay bills with their smartphone camera

From GigaOM

Mobile Photo Bill Pay The San Diego company is launching its mobile photo bill pay services for the first time with U.S. Bank, enabling millions of customers to snap a photo of a paper bill to quickly add a payee or pay off a bill. The service, which can be used via smartphones and tablets starting early next year, is integrated into U.S. Bank’s mobile app.

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Simple Fleshes Out Its Online Banking Service With Mobile Check Depositing

From TechCrunch

Simple's Mobile Deposit Application

From the outset, online banking startup Simple has been focused on supplanting the brick-and-mortar banks in its users’ lives, but they haven’t always been equipped to handle every little transaction that comes up. Case in point — what happens when someone cuts you a check (after all, the holidays are right around the corner)?

Well, that’s no longer the case. According to a post on the official Simple blog, users are now able to deposit money from those pesky pieces of paper just by taking a photo with the company’s iOS app.

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Citi Customers Can Deposit Checks With Their Phones

From New York Times

Citi Customers Can Deposit Checks With Their Phones Citibank is the latest bank to add remote deposit capture, which lets customers snap a photo of a check with their phone and with the touch of a button, deposit it into their bank account. No trip to the A.T.M. required.

…my experience went smoothly. Once you’ve downloaded the Citi Mobile app to your phone and open it, you simply touch “services,” then “make a deposit” and “continue.” You’re then prompted to enter your A.T.M card number and your pin code. When it’s time to snap the photo, it suggests setting the check on a dark surface in a well-lighted area.

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Instant Binding Now in the Picture for Progressive

From Insurance Networking News

Progressive The number-one driver behind Progressive’s mobile plan is to determine how prospects and clients can use technology to make purchasing easier, says Matt Lehman, Progressive’s mobile business leader, Image Capture mobile technology.

We can’t get a shortcut around the information we need, and we need lots of pieces of data, so keying in that data can be challenging at best. What’s unique about a mobile device is that it’s faster and more convenient—so we are taking the next step.

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