Mobile Imaging in Insurance: Delivering Differentiation and Profit

An SMA Perspective

sma_capture_2.jpg This perspective is based on SMA’s experience, research, and insights on mobile imaging in insurance. Download to understand why this leading strategic advisory firm believes mobile imaging is a hot technology and it aligns well with insurance business strategies. 

This perspective covers how mobile imaging can help insurers:

  • Drive growth through differentiation by using advanced technologies to deliver convenient and immediate self-service interactions – creating the “wow” factor for the customer.
  • Increase profitability by reducing operational costs and, at the same time, gathering more accurate and complete data – unleashing the power to truly transform business processes across the value chain.
  • Improve sales and retention by delivering services that are faster and easier to use, and seamlessly integrating them with streamlined business processes – revolutionizing the way customers and insurers are able to conduct business. 


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