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  • "Although there are many providers in the [MRDC] ecosystem, most rely on the services and capabilities of market leader Mitek Systems."
    • Bruce Burke, Mobile Payments Today
  • "It’s quick, it’s revolutionary, and it’s starting to gain some serious traction."
    • Fox Business
  • "We’ve found as customers become more connected, they become more engaged, which over time we believe has a positive impact on customer retention."
    • Eric Johnson, E-Trade Product Manager
  • "Mobile RDC is the future of payments." 
    • John Leekley, CEO, RemoteDepositCapture.com
  • "Mobile RDC is a 'tablestakes' strategic requirement." 
    • Bob Hedges, Mercatus LLC
  • "No Bank? No Problem. Phone App lets you deposit checks." 
    •  USA Today
  • "With Mitek's mobile technology, we're expanding our best-in-class RDC technology." 
    • Kathy Strasser, EVP, Wausau Financial Systems
  • "Our relationship with Mitek is ideal for our clients' mobile deposit needs." 
    • Peter Chiccino, CIO/EVP, The Bancorp Bank