Mitek Systems Sues USAA for Defamation and Unfair Business Practices - Company Files Motion to Add Claims Against USAA in Delaware Court

SAN DIEGO – July 19, 2012 – Mitek Systems (NASDAQ: MITK,, a leading mobile imaging software solutions provider, today filed a motion to amend its complaint to include the claims of defamation and violation of the Lanham Act for unfair business practices in its lawsuit against United Services Automobile Association (USAA) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. 

“We believe these misrepresentations are damaging to our company and are designed to inhibit Mitek’s ability to compete in the marketplace,” said James DeBello, Mitek CEO and President.  “Mitek is a known innovator and pioneer in the mobile banking sector with a substantial list of patents and trademarks to our name. Our team worked hard over many years to create Mobile Deposit® and was awarded five U.S. patents related to this technology.” 

“Ironically, USAA’s efforts to malign Mitek stand in stark contrast to the core values it so strongly espouses.  We have given USAA every opportunity to correct their misstatements, but, unfortunately, it has steadfastly refused to do so.  By unfairly using its power and size to try to intimidate Mitek, USAA is in effect threatening the very spirit of innovation so critical to the success of smaller companies around the country.  Mitek takes great pride in being an ethical and responsible business partner to the financial services industry, and we are prepared to do what is necessary to defend our reputation and our inventions,” continued DeBello.

In a press release issued on April 2, 2012, USAA falsely accused Mitek of misappropriating USAA’s proprietary and confidential information while under contract with USAA and claiming it as its own.  Mitek flatly denies these allegations and believes that it fully complied with its contractual obligations to USAA and did not misappropriate any confidential USAA information to develop its first-to-market product. 

To date, USAA has not provided any evidence of wrongdoing by Mitek, nor has it identified the proprietary and confidential information that was allegedly misappropriated. Mitek launched Mobile Deposit in January 2008 with USAA’s full knowledge, and USAA did not launch its competing product until August 2009.  USAA first accused Mitek of wrongfully taking information from USAA to develop a product in April 2012—more than four years after first learning about Mitek’s mobile technology.

On April 12, 2012, Mitek filed a lawsuit against USAA for patent infringement and breach of contract.  Mitek believes USAA is infringing upon five of Mitek’s patents related to its Mobile Deposit® product.  Mitek is also alleging that USAA breached the parties’ license agreement by using Mitek products beyond the scope of the agreed-upon license terms, and by disclosing confidential pricing and other confidential information for a Mitek legacy product installation in a complaint filed in Texas by USAA against Mitek. USAA’s complaint is seeking a declaratory judgment that some of Mitek’s Mobile Deposit patents do not apply to USAA or, alternatively, cannot be enforced against USAA.  USAA is also falsely alleging that Mitek took unidentified information from USAA and incorporated it into a Mitek patent application in January 2008 and launched its Mobile Deposit based on such information.

In its lawsuit against USAA, Mitek seeks monetary damages, injunctive relief and a finding that USAA willfully infringed Mitek’s patents, breached the parties’ license agreement, defamed Mitek and violated the Lanham Act.  For more information concerning the litigation, go to:

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