About Mitek

Camera as a Keyboard™

mobile capture throughout customer lifecycle

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is the leading innovator of mobile imaging for financial transactions. Mitek’s patented mobile photo technology automatically captures images of personal and financial documents and then extracts relevant data. This enables consumers to use the Camera as a Keyboard™ to reduce friction for mobile check deposit, account opening, bill payment, insurance quoting, and many other use cases. This innovative technology is licensed by more than 4,000 organizations and used by tens of millions of consumers enabling increased customer acquisition, retention and operational efficiency.    

Gold Standard in Mobile Imaging

Mitek’s patented and sophisticated technology guarantees a superior user experience every time.  Mitek set the Gold Standard for Intelligent Mobile Imaging with Mobile Deposit®. Today Mobile Deposit is licensed by more than 4,000 financial institutions including all of the top 10 retail banks in the US. 

Flexible & Scalable

Mitek solutions work with the iOS and Android devices. The server-side system is phone-agnostic, meaning the server’s interaction with the device does not know or care what type of smartphone or tablet the users has. Our compatibility with existing operating systems allows for quick and easy adaptation to new platforms and ease throughout the implementation process.

Mitek solutions scale to meet needs of the largest B2C organizations and can be deployed on premises or in a Cloud.

Why It Works

Mitek’s 21 patents cover mobile capture, image recognition and image quality analytics which provide industrial strength processing that simply cannot be achieved with traditional approaches and simple OCR techniques.

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